2021 here I come

What a peculiar time we’ve been witnessing for almost a year now or even more depending on where you’ve been. I fell sick of the virus last year and was diagnosed as a “Covid long hauler” in the beginning of the 2021. I’m slowly getting myself back in the books of the living as you can see in the new lay out of the web sites.

Last year even though all the horribleness I was lucky to be able to perform in a big performance production “TREQUANDA” by choreographer/artistic director Veronika Riz. The project happened in Berlin and in Bolzano Italy, in the autumn of 2020. We got to do the performances with the live audience just before everything was shut down because of the rapid increase of the pandemia. I’ll post more captured photos and video of the performance soon here. The project will continue in a form of a tour in the end of 2021.

Me & Anne-Lene Nöldner | “TREQUANDA” by Veronika RIz

Due to the cluster of this virus I’ve been experiencing the only way to continue creating has been writing and composing. I’ve submerged myself in the comforting sound scapes and writing all the poems and lyrics that never had time before to emerge. The latest sound works will be released as albums this spring 2021. The first album is a collection of poems and compositions in Finnish and carries a name of “EHKÄEP”. It has been made under a project name MEU KÄVI TÄÄLLÄ (link below). The album will be released independently in the end of March 2021. Stay tuned for more in the upcoming weeks!


Also the somatic short film “THE DREAMERS” got a new project funding from the Arts Promotion Center Finland so the work with film can continue. The whole crew is thrilled.

Ixa Redpill from the making of period of the film “THE DREAMERS”

The premier of my latest solo work “I’m the Monster” from the solo-trilogy that I’ve been drafting and crafting since 2019 was postponed from this spring to the future because of the pandemia. “I’m the Monster” will premier as a second part of the trilogy in the City Theater of Kuopio Finland in the end of the year / the beginning of 2022 and it’s co-produced by the Dance Theater Minimi/Mikko Makkonen. Because of the delay I’ll be continuing to work with the trilogy through the work of “MESSY MEDITATIONS” – it will be the first part of the trilogy. “MESSY MEDITATIONS” will be released as form of an album as well as a performance & video work.

“MESSY MEDITATIONS” will be released also in a form of an album and it will be published under my artist name m e u

I hope that you are safe and healthy while reading this and even if not I hope you can continue to dream of new and unknown futures with me.



After very peculiar first half of a year I finally feel like it’s time to open a bit up about what’s cooking and what kind of projects are on their way. Everyone knows this has been such a roller coaster of a year that just understanding what is going on has taken every ounce of everyones energy I’m sure. All of us working in the fields of performance and art have been deeply impacted in numerous ways and my thoughts goes to you, fellow makers and alchemists struggling this time through where ever you are. I see you.

That been said I want to slowly but surely move my gaze forward. I want to continue focusing my given energy to radically dream of all the ways we will build new futures together after this weird apocalyptic period of human existence is somehow over.

First actual post in this blog in a long time will be about my upcoming performance and kinetic installation project with choreographer and visual artist Emma Bäcklund. It feels suitable to start with this because the project revolves around the theme of new futures and language that is yet to be molded. The radical possibilities of viewing language through embodiment and different performance theories. This project is funded by Nordisk Kulturfond and it will have it’s premier in an art gallery (TBA) in Berlin (2020-2021).

Here’s briefly about the project “Kinetic Poems / Languages Unwritten”:

This project is a research of the possibilities of kinetic and poetic landscapes to emerge in our shared artistic practice with body and language. This project is a visual poem happening in a moving body. Created from the dialogue of a Finnish multidisciplinary artist Katja- Maria Taavitsainen and a Swedish visual artist/choreographer Emma Bäcklund. This is their first official collaboration that started from a live performance demo in a exhibition opening, in Alte Müntze Berlin in May 2019. Both of the artists felt that there was more to look for, more practices to be shared, more cultural and linguistic histories to interconnect. In the late summer of 2019 Taavitsainen & Bäcklund decided to start a new artistic journey together.

“The aim is to create a performance hybrid where the words and movement are so interwoven that it creates a language of its own. Using old and new poetry from Finland and Sweden will give a starting point for this artistic dialogue. It will give us a base, something to ground ourselves. Using words already written also gives us the ancestral power. Honoring our unique cultures, languages and artists before us will give us a wider perspective for the past, the present and the future. To create, to search, to aim for finding something new you have to get familiar with the old. There is no future without the past being present.” – Taavitsainen & Bäcklund, 2020 Berlin

More to come – we invite You to be part of the journey of this new performance project.

You can follow the project here and in Instagram @messyheartmeu.