My artistic practice is based on autobiographical thinking, somatic techniques, multidimensional work with multimedia as well as framings and tools from the intersectional queer theory and critical postcolonial theory. I use these theories to articulate and carve out the possible and necessary from my artistic process. In this process it’s very relevant for me to shake the norms of patriarchy and normative ways of being. My artistic practice is a way for me to radically dream different outcomes of the future — dream different futures all together. 

Somatic experiencing of the world that surrounds us is in a very profound role in my practice. I use somatic techniques as a tool to let the artistry manifests itself in the present time. Body is the medium which through all of this is firstly proposed. In addition to the somatic proposals in the space I also use a lot of video and composing with live instruments as well as with electronics. Using a hybrid of all these different mediums while working is a very organic process for me. It’s not an either-or more likely it’s a richness of ways to articulate the relevant out of each project and piece I’m working with. My choreographic thinking is very fluid in its core but everything comes always back to the body and its endless possibilities to create meaning and life while breathing and moving in space. Everything coming through the body may it be a sound or movement or frames in the video I treat as its own entities. Voice and creating sound is profoundly physical act and experience for me. Everything is rooted in the body and generated through the body. To capture that birth moment when sound and movement are still bound and born in to the consciousness is where all the magic happens. Singing becomes dancing and to dance is actually also to create sound — our entire bodies are singing. Sound design, song writing and composing articulated through subtle movement and intelligence of the moving body is a speciality and eternal interest of mine. ”Somatic Symphony” -practice that I’ve been creating these past years as a multidisciplinary artist is a hybrid of movement research, experimental sound design and composing. 



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