I’m currently working with a solo trilogy that aims to deepen my artistic practice as a dance, film and sound artist. The trilogy that I’m drafting currently was birthed in 2019 in different artist residencies (New York, CMOA Museum Pittsburgh & Play Practice in Bangalore). The first part of the trilogy ”Messy Meditations” will premier in 2021. The solo trilogy is building up to be a multimedia collage of three separate solo works and three different composed music & sound albums connected to the performances. In every part of the trilogy the performance transforms from a physical installation in the space towards a somatic symphony. Articulating through my somatic movement practice and using video, sound and installation as tools to make the space a special kind of utopia where we can experience all these forms of stimuli together. 

The main theme and focus in the trilogy is to research how desire and urge manifests in the human body — specifically in the non-binary body. How this urgency can appear in me as sounds, movements, voice and words. The whole trilogy sheds a light in the transformative process of a non-binary body. This partly autobiographical trilogy is my tiny revolution, a collective proposal and blueprint to find a way to exist in this binary world as a non-binary, fluid entity.

 Supporters of the trilogy so far:

Jenny & Antti Wihuri Foundation Finland, Sidra Bell Company / New York, CMOA -residency / Contemporary Museum of Art Pittsburgh, Anna Thompson & Taylor Knight, Play Practice Residency Bangalore / Abhilash Ningappa, The Cultural Foundation of Finland, Arts Promotion Center Finland, The State Theater of Kuopio Finland/Minimi & ADA studios/Berlin

The Artistic Team:

Visual artist & VJ Merle Karp (FIN), sound designer and sound engineer Fjóla Gautadóttir (Iceland/ Berlin), musician Aapeli Hakala (FIN) & me, Katja-Maria /Kay Taavitsainen. I operate as a choreographer, artistic director, composer and performer of the trilogy.


”Kinetic Poems / Languages Unwritten” is a kinetic installation as well as a sound, video and visual art informed performance project. It’s a second collaboration between Swedish visual artist & choreographer Emma Bäcklund and dance, sound & video artist Katja-Maria/Kay Taavitsainen. The first work of the couple was a performance project ”Falling Upwards” created in the gallery of Alte Müntze Berlin, in Berlin spring 2019. ”Kinetic Poems / Languages Unwritten” project is based on the research of poetic language emerging in the moving body and in the visual as well as sound elements in the space. Connecting photography, video, sound art, text, subtle somatic movement of the body in the space and performative elements the project with its makers asks what poetic language evokes in us and proposes new ways of creating language and text through the somatic intelligence of the moving body. Work is currently funded by The Nordic Cultural Foundation.

Emma Bäcklund


”FUTUREDANCES” concept was birthed in 2019 mainly in the artist residencies in New York, Pittsburgh and Bangalore. 2020 we started the work with the group mainly using video as a medium of the process. The first part of the project will take form as a dance film ”THE DREAMERS” and it will premiere in autumn 2021. The drafting of the project as well as its script writing process has been funded by The Foundation of Alfred Kordelin in the autumn of 2020 and Arts Promotion Center in the spring 2021.

”THE DREAMERS” dance film is based on my artistic practice where I integrate subtle somatic intelligence of the body, movement , sound and video with real life capturing, documentary methods. ”THE DREAMERS” consists of four different short stories. All of them dealing with unique experiences of a marginal identity existing in this particular time.


Artistic team: Marlon Moilanen (FIN), Jenni Nikolajeff (FIN), Sho Nakasatomi (Japani), Marie Kassapian (Kreikka), Ixa Redpill (US), Nina Ingalsuo (FIN), Fjóla Gautadóttir (Islanti), Kimmo Alakunnas (FIN), Alan Libert (US), Katja-Maria/Kay Taavitsainen Concept, writing & direction: Taavitsainen
Cinematography: Jukka Moisio & Taavitsainen


The Finnish Cultural Foundation, The Foundation of Alfred Kordelin, Sidra Bell Company/NYC, Pittsburgh/ Anna Thompson & Taylor Knight, Play Practice Residency/Ningappa and Arts Promotion Center


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